Inhalation Tuesday, July 26, 2016
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Inhalation is the only technical publication devoted exclusively to readers involved in development and production of pulmonary or nasal delivered pharmaceuticals.

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Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions

This Month's Focus: Nasal Delivery and Nebulizers
General Features
Cross-Industry Organizations: Introducing European COST Action—Siminhale (Free)
A pan-European network to coordinate and enhance R&D
Cross-Industry Organizations: A brief update from EPAG (Free)
Recent meetings with regulatory agencies and 2016 plans
A preview of RDD Asia 2016 (Free)
RDD Asia 2016 will be held November 8-11, 2016 in Goa, India.
Back Page: Lessons from UK asthma deaths: Improving asthma care (Free)
An enquiry to learn from asthma-related deaths and prevent future events
2016 Editorial Calendar

Coming Next Issue
A Preview of the Medicon Valley Inhalation Symposium
Back Page: Acoustic emission for characterization of inhaler performance
CARS microscopy for chemical-selective imaging of adhesive mixtures
Cross-Industry Organizations: The Aerosol Society
Issue Focus: Particle Characterization
Special Section: Particle Manufacturing
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