Inhalation Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Inhalation is the only technical publication devoted exclusively to readers involved in development and production of pulmonary or nasal delivered pharmaceuticals.

                                                        The Back Page Column

This column provides quick snapshots on new or thought-provoking subjects in the industry.

April 2014
Why do we know so little about absorption pathways in the lung?
The potential role of transporters in pulmonary drug disposition.

June 2014
On the design of comparator clinical studies
It is hard to justify including a placebo arm in any study involving well-established receptor types.

August 2014
Controlled release formulations for inhalation: Soon to appear?
The arrival of controlled release formulations may be imminent.

October 2014
Leveraging digital health technology: Five ways to address barriers to inhaled medication

Supportive tools can lessen the burden of disease management and meet patients’ appetites to
integrate technology into daily health monitoring.

December 2014
Rules in pharmacy and music: More in common than you might believe!
The works of Bach composed by rules of music are a remedy for the soul, as a pharmaceutical
drug can be a remedy for the body.

February 2015
Exercise induced bronchoconstriction: The role of inhaled therapy in identifying stimulus and

The development of drugs to inhibit exercise induced bronchoconstriction (EIB) helped to
understand the mechanisms underlying EIB.

April 2015
Modeling paradigms for orally inhaled drugs
A major challenge for inhaled drug development is the development of physiologically relevant
and predictive models.

June 2015
Increasing participation in and improving outcomes from pMDI training
Pressurized metered dose inhaler technique training remains a significant issue, impacting not
only disease control but healthcare professional time and therapy costs.

August 2015
Bridges for the asthma achievement gap
In 2012, GSK funded a collaboration that has resulted in a program in a group of schools called
"Building Bridges for Asthma Care," which puts students at the center of a new, school-based,
asthma management model.

October 2015
Inhaled medical aerosols: A new training course in the Hawaiian Islands
A course for University of Hawai’i PharmD and PhD students aims to assist in helping residents
with lung diseases improve their quality of life.

December 2015
Inhalatorium: A website dedicated to the history of inhalation therapy
An interview with Mark Sanders about his website and early examples of inhalation technology.

February 2016
Exploring the potential of mannitol as an alternative to lactose in dry powder inhalation
Results support the use of processed mannitol in carrier-based blends for inhalation.

April 2016
Comic books help educate kids about asthma and proper inhaler use
Meda Pharmaceuticals and Medikidz have launched the comic book Medikidz Explain Asthma,
Part 3

June 2016
Lessons from UK asthma deaths: Improving asthma care
An enquiry to learn from asthma-related deaths and prevent future events.

August 2016
Acoustic emission for characterization of inhaler performance
AE combined with chemometrics for evaluating inhalation device performance in an automated delivered dose analysis station.

October 2016
A free online tutorial about cascade impaction from the IPAC-RS CI working group
Multiple 15-20 minute modules cover various facets of CI theory and practice for orally inhaled products.

December 2016
Past Inhalation covers, with thanks to our three charter advertisers!
We look back at selected covers from Inhalation’s ten-year history.

February 2017
Mimicking cigarette smoke exposure and patient-specific responses
Combining an airway-on-a-chip with a cigarette-smoking machine provides a better understanding of
smoke-related pathological changes in individual smokers.

April 2017
Amish farming methods and significantly reduced asthma in children
A comparative study of Amish and Hutterite farm children provides new information about mechanisms
of protection from asthma.

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