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Spray-Dried Process and Formulation
Considerations for Inhalable Dry Powders

  Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Time:  10:30 AM – 11:30 AM ET

Presented by:  Michael Burke

Moderated by:  Frédérique Bordes-Picard, Capsugel Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager

Webinar Cost:  FREE

Webinar Details:  Interest in pulmonary delivery of drugs is increasing for both acute and systemic disease conditions. Particle engineering via spray drying is an enabling technology for a number of new API’s destined for lung delivery. Process and formulation attributes are tunable for either small or large molecules, range of API physical properties, and / or desired delivery platform. Robust spray drying approaches have been developed to ensure phase-appropriate formulation development with streamlined timelines and costs. Encapsulation of spray-dried formulations can further enhance speed-to-clinic through commercialization.

During this webinar, we will discuss how target product properties and profiles can be met by altering process conditions and excipient selection for inhalable dry powders. We will further discuss:

•  Key considerations for formulating with crystalline or amorphous materials
•  Methods to tailor spray drying conditions to ensure physical and chemical stability of the API
•  Approaches to increase throughput and efficiency
•  Selection criteria for the appropriate formulation excipients to ensure physical stability and aerosolization
•  Necessary analytical testing required

Supportive data will be shared that demonstrates effective drug concept development based on spray dry processing and encapsulation.

By focusing on the fundamental understanding of API and excipient properties, capsules, equipment optimization and desired quality attributes, a final drug concept can be developed.

Presenter Information:  Michael Burke is a Senior Research Chemist and Inhalation Group Lead at Bend Research, a division of Capsugel. He has helped lead multiple inhaled dry powder projects from feasibility through clinical applications. He has extensive knowledge in inhalable dry powder formulation development as well as spray dry process development. In addition, Michael is an analytical expert in inhalable dry powder characterization.

Michael has been with Bend Research since 2010. He graduated with an MS in Biochemistry from University of California Irvine, and a BS in Molecular Biology from the University of California San Diego.

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