Inhalation Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Inhalation is the only technical publication devoted exclusively to readers involved in development and production of pulmonary or nasal delivered pharmaceuticals.
Overlooked opportunities for nebulizers in inhalation product development
Nebulized medication use is growing faster than that of inhalers, yet most companies focus on bringing new inhalers to market. What opportunities might they be missing?
Nebulizers: Past to present platforms and future possibilities
Brief insights into nebulizer history and technologies in use or in development, including conventional and novel approaches
Formulation concepts for small-volume nebulizers: Challenges and opportunities
This article examines the critical role of formulation science in the development of tomorrow’s miniaturized devices for liquid inhalation.
Principles of nebulizer technology
A review of nebulizers and a look to the future
Delivery of inhaled bronchodilators by breath-actuated jet nebulizer: The potential for improved adherence with clinical guidelines
The first breath-actuated nebulizer only generates aerosol during patient inhalation to improve compliance and reduce medication waste
Nebulizer testing
Exploring the implications of new regulatory guidance for testing nebulizers.

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