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Inhalation is the only technical publication devoted exclusively to readers involved in development and production of pulmonary or nasal delivered pharmaceuticals.

Other opportunities for editorial coverage

Send news and product information to:
Assistant Editor Alicia Heaton
Powder and Bulk Engineering
• 1155 Northland Drive • St. Paul, MN 55120
651-287-5620 • fax 651-287-5650 •

About PBE editorial content

Powder and Bulk Engineering publishes two types of feature articles — technical articles and application articles (including case histories and others). For detailed information about each type of article, see the guidelines called “Technical articles” and “Application articles.” For examples, see any PBE issue or click on “Recent Articles” on PBE’s Web site (

Even if your company isn’t the subject of a feature article, it can be featured in other sections of the magazine. PBE publishes association, industry, and company news as well as equipment information. The information below summarizes PBE’s regular areas of editorial coverage.

About Powder and Bulk Engineering

Powder and Bulk Engineering is the only monthly technical publication edited exclusively for readers in the North American powder and bulk solids market.

Our readers are hands-on engineers and managers who evaluate, select, and design systems for handling, processing, and storing materials in powder and bulk solid form. The majority of our readers identify themselves as process and production engineers, design and construction engineers, operations managers, research and development specialists, and plant managers. These technical decision-makers need practical information they can use in the daily operation of their business.

PBE readers are involved in the manufacture of a broad range of powder and bulk solid materials, including industrial and agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food products, plastics and rubber, lime and cement, explosives and ammunition, primary metals, pigments and coatings, stone, clay, glass, ceramics, pulp and paper, and textiles.


If your news or product item includes photos, please follow these guidelines:

  • Submit good-quality photos in either color or black and white. You can send glossy prints, slides or transparencies, or digital files on a CD-ROM or Zip disk or by e-mail.
  • Digital photos must be at least 300 dpi at a 3.5-inch width. (Cover submissions must be at least 8.5 by 11 inches.)
  • Preferred formats are eps and tiff.
  • Photocopies, prints from inkjet printers, and half-tone prints and negatives aren’t acceptable.
  • If you send high-res photos by e-mail, please send each photo in a separate e-mail.
  • Include a press release providing detailed information about each photo.
  • Don’t write captions directly on the front or back of photos. Type captions separately and masking-tape them to the back.
  • If you mail your photos, protect them by putting them between cardboard sheets. Don’t use paper clips or staples.

Editorial calendar

For an editorial calendar that shows each issue’s focus, special features, and editorial deadlines, contact the Editor or click here.

If you’d like your article considered for a particular issue, contact the Editor several months before the issue is to appear. Generally, the articles for an issue are selected about 4 to 5 months before the issue date.

Cover image

Many factors influence what photo is chosen for the cover. Here are some of the basics:

  • Subject matter is appropriate for the issue's focus (see editorial calendar).
  • Photo depicts equipment installed in a customer’s facility, preferably shown in use.
  • Material being handled is clearly in view.
  • Close-ups, action photos (material spouting out of a feeder, for example), and interesting shots of the process are of special interest.
  • Photo is in a suitable format (see guidelines above).
  • Ideally, the photo has areas near the top and bottom where type can be placed without covering up essential parts of the picture.
  • Photo is vertically oriented.
  • Photo has sharp details, good composition and exposure, and strong aesthetic qualities (pleasing to the eye).

Another factor that affects cover selection is the number and quality of photos we receive as candidates for an issue’s cover. For some issues we receive many, for others, few. The editors, in cooperation with the production department and the publisher, select the final photo.

Consider shooting a number of different shots, from different angles and distances. Then send us two or three very different ones. One of these might turn out to be one we can’t resist.

Association, industry, and company news

PBE publishes various kinds of news sections in every issue. Please send us your association or company news in any of the areas listed below. Include contact information and, where appropriate, photos:

  • Supplier notes: If you’re an equipment supplier or association, here’s where to announce moves, area code changes, ISO certification, awards, and other news of interest to dry bulk solids handlers.
  • Industry news: News about nonequipment suppliers and associations in the dry bulk solids handling and related industries. Tell us your news that would be of interest to others in our industry.
  • Markets update: News about materials and business — price changes, forecasts, and so on.
  • People news: Equipment supplier and association personnel who’ve received promotions, changed companies, received awards, and so on. We’re interested in news about people who will come into direct contact with our readers as well as top-level executives.
  • Calendar: Upcoming events sponsored by your organization — trade shows, seminars, and special events of interest to the dry bulk solids handling industry.
  • Continuing education: Short or long courses that will help dry bulk solids handlers know their business better. Please state whether the course can be taken for continuing education credit.
  • Self-study: Courses that can be taken independently. These include programmed instruction manuals or software or courses that can be taken via mail or the Internet, for example.
  • Call for papers: If you’re seeking papers for publication or presentation, request them here.
  • Research notes: News about research in this industry, particularly research that shows promise of improving ways of handling dry bulk solids.

Product and literature writeups

In every issue, PBE publishes several sections of product and literature reviews. To be considered for these sections, send information about and a photo of the product or the product literature. Check the editorial calendar to see the editorial focus and special topics for each issue.

Some of the following appear in every issue:

  • Resource catalogs: Photo of and information about brochures, CD-ROMs, catalogs, and other published information you’re offering free to readers, describing equipment related to the issue’s focus.
  • Product summary: Photo of and information about equipment related to the issue’s focus.
  • Engineering literature: Photo of and information about brochures, CD-ROMs, catalogs, and other published information you’re offering free to readers, relating to a particular process, not the issue’s focus.
  • What’s new: Photo of and information about a new piece of equipment for the bulk solids handling industry, not related to the issue’s focus; the equipment must never have been advertised in PBE.
  • Product news: Photo of and information about equipment for the dry bulk solids handling industry, not related to the issue’s focus.

Thank you!

PBE relies on professionals like you to keep our readers informed about the latest and best technology and equipment in our industry. Thank you for considering PBE for placement of your association, company, and product news.


Other guidelines

Ask for our other article guidelines:

Technical articles

Application articles
Case history, plant upgrade, engineering solution
Test center, custom processor

Plant tour articles

Other opportunities for editorial coverage
Cover image
Association, industry, and company news
Product and literature writeups


Send news and product information to:
Assistant Editor Alicia Heaton
Powder and Bulk Engineering
• 1155 Northland Drive • St. Paul, MN 55120
651-287-5620 • fax 651-287-5650 •

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