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CPhI Worldwide 2017 will be held October 24-26, 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany. As of October 9, the following companies, who have recently advertised in Inhalation, will be exhibiting new products and services during the conference. Content is provided by the companies listed. No product endorsement or preference is intended.

Aptar Pharma
Aptar Pharma, a leading global solution provider of innovative drug delivery systems, will exhibit once again at CPhI Worldwide 2017. Their booth, 42F10, will showcase their extensive product portfolio, highlight their latest innovations addressing important healthcare technology megatrends and will feature a special connectivity hub, focused on the growing field of connected healthcare solutions. During CPhI Worldwide, Aptar Pharma will also present three Pharma Insight Briefings.
France: +33 1 39 17 20 38
Now a Lonza company, Capsugel's recent investments and acquisitions have advanced its integrated approach to drug design and delivery via inhalation. Innovative drug products are developed for dry powder inhaler (DPI) devices based on the company's unique combination of particle engineering capabilities, premier spray drying expertise and customized DPI-grade capsules. Particle engineering, utilizing spray dry technology as well as micronization and nano-milling processes, supports pulmonary and nasal drug development from concept to commercialization.
US: +1 888 783-6361
Catalent Pharma Solutions
At CPhI Worldwide (Stand 41G10), Catalent will be showcasing its solutions in the development of inhalation and nasal drug products. Catalent's formulation expertise and experience have been successfully applied to multiple dosage forms, as have Catalent Micron Technology's particle-size engineering capabilities, which can work to the most stringent specifications demanded by inhalation formulators. Catalent's inhalation manufacturing operations have a track record of regulatory excellence, and routinely manufacture pMDIs, DPIs and nasal formulations for customers around the globe.
Hovione offers development and compliant manufacture of innovative new drugs and niche generic active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) products. Hovione also supports highly potent compounds and offers proprietary product development and licensing opportunities for drug products. The company undertakes formulation development and clinical supply of final dosage forms to Phase II. With strong expertise in pulmonary delivery, Hovione offers APIs for inhalation, DPI devices, particle engineering and formulation development.
Portugal: +351 21 982 9000
Meggle Excipients & Technology is a global leader in manufacturing lactose for the pharmaceutical industry, supporting supply chain security with manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America. Meggle is at the forefront of lactose qualities for dry powder inhalation. Through precise product design, Meggle developed a highly functional product family InhaLac®, possessing unique features for the formulation of orally inhaled and nasal drug products. Several sieved and milled grades are obtained through our tightly controlled production process. Benefits of Meggle's InhaLac® product family:
  • Highly controlled powder characteristics
  • Highest microbial quality including endotoxins
  • Availability of a broad spectrum of sieve cuts
  • Tailor-made sieved and milled grades
  • Customized product specifications
Germany: +49 8071 73 476
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