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Drug Delivery to the Lungs 2017 (DDL2017)
Drug Delivery to the Lungs 2017 (DDL2017) will be held December 6-8, 2017 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC), Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. The following companies, who have recently advertised in Inhalation, will be exhibiting new products and services during the conference. Content is provided by the companies listed. No product endorsement or preference is intended.
Aptar Pharma
As a leader in respiratory drug delivery systems, Aptar Pharma is focused on supporting customers and patients to effectively treat respiratory diseases including asthma and COPD. At DDL 2017, Aptar Pharma will showcase its broad respiratory drug delivery portfolio of MDIs, DPIs and BAIs. New this year is the Connectivity Hub, focused on the growing field of connected devices, which can deliver better patient health outcomes through improved adherence. Connect with Aptar Pharma at DDL.
France: + 33 1 39 17 20 38
Astech Projects, Ltd.
Astech Projects specializes in the supply of automated inhaler testing solutions for all device types including DPI, MDI and BAI. Astech's award-winning X-Products® range, which includes Xelair®, Xelize® and Xelox®, provides robust, durable and consistent testing for Dose Content Uniformity (DCU) and Particle Size Determination (PSD) including Andersen and NGI Impactors. Custom automated solutions are also available for waste firing, physical device testing, emitted dose weight, vision and inspection. Astech also offers a comprehensive maintenance and support service called REACTS®, providing peace of mind for the lifetime of a system.
UK: +44 1928 571797
Capsugel, now a Lonza company, has extensive particle engineering expertise and capabilities for dry powder inhalation (DPI) applications centered on spray drying technology. The company's full-service offering includes phase-appropriate encapsulation from early- and late-stage clinical to commercial scale. Specialized CMC/analytical services ensure end-to-end support throughout the DPI product development process. Capsugel also offers micronization services based on jet milling and specialized DPI capsules developed specifically for inhalation applications.
US: +1 888 783-6361
Catalent Pharma Solutions
From pre-formulation to commercialization, Catalent Pharma Solutions can assist at any stage of development for inhalation and nasal drug products. Catalent's expertise and experience, along with Catalent Micron Technology's particle-size engineering capabilities, which can work to the most stringent of specifications demanded by inhalation formulations, have been successfully applied to all dosage forms including pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDIs), dry powder inhalers (DPIs) and nasal sprays (solutions/suspensions), as well as nebulizers and liquid inhalers.
Copley Scientific
Copley Scientific's upgraded Critical Flow Controller provides formulators and quality control scientists with automated flow control, to deliver enhanced precision and productivity in dry powder inhaler (DPI) testing. The new TPK™ 2100 offers fully automated in situ impactor leak testing and extensive data reporting facilities, simplifying dose uniformity and cascade impactor testing so that data generation is both more efficient and reproducible. Additionally, users are warned if tests fail to meet USP/Ph.Eur. minimum requirements. Visit us to find out how the TPK™ 2100 can boost efficiency in DPI testing.
UK: +44 1159 616229
H&T Presspart
H&T Presspart and Cohero Health are launching a market-ready, fully-embedded, intuitive, connected metered dose inhaler (eMDI) established to optimize care of patients suffering from asthma and COPD. It is the only eMDI integrated seamlessly with BreatheSmart from Cohero Health, a comprehensive respiratory disease management platform that uniquely enables tracking of both controller and rescue medications, along with clinically accurate lung function measurement, in real time.
UK: +44 1254 584131
Hovione offers development and compliant manufacture of innovative new drugs and niche generic active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) products. Hovione also supports highly potent compounds and offers proprietary product development and licensing opportunities for drug products. The company undertakes formulation development and clinical supply of final dosage forms to Phase II. With strong expertise in pulmonary delivery, Hovione offers APIs for inhalation, DPI devices, particle engineering and formulation development.
Portugal: +351 21 982 9000
Medicon Valley Inhalation Consortium
Often seen as a preferred CRO and selected as a strategic partner in inhalation product development and inhalation technology, Medicon Valley Inhalation Consortium (MVIC) has more than 70 project managers and specialists in discovery, formulation, regulatory, device and product development, who have worked on the frontline of inhalation technology. Most also have a very sharp business approach due to years in top management and extensive experience in working with a wide range of small to large pharma clients on pharmaceutical development projects. MVIC is located in Lund, a part of southern Sweden with a cluster of universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.
Sweden: +46 760 160 270
Meggle Excipients & Technology
Meggle Excipients & Technology is a global leader in manufacturing lactose for the pharmaceutical industry. Meggle is at the forefront of lactose qualities for dry powder inhalation. Through precise product design, Meggle has developed the highly functional product family InhaLac®, which possesses unique features for the formulation of orally inhaled and nasal drug products. Several sieved and milled grades are obtained through tightly controlled production processes. Please visit us at DDL27 for further information.
Germany: +49 08071 73 476
Next Breath
A Partner to Accelerate Your Drug Product. Next Breath is a full-service, cGMP compliant laboratory specializing in the analytical testing of drug delivery systems. We provide comprehensive solutions for the product development process, from formulation and CMC support to finished batch release and post-approval stability studies. Included with each analysis, our customers receive detailed reports and one-on-one explanations of the results from our team of dedicated scientists.
US: +1 410 455-5904
Proveris Scientific
Proveris Scientific delivers innovative technologies, services and deep product knowledge to a worldwide customer base that produces pulmonary and nasal drug products. Our team of experts has helped the industry enable the rapid commercialization of spray and aerosol therapies by simplifying the complex relationships between formulation, patient and device. At DDL 2017, learn more about our new products, such as our high throughput pMDI fire-down system, as well as Proveris by Design™ Services, which can help you combine formulations with spray delivery devices for optimum performance.
US: +1 508 460-8822
Pulmonary drug delivery provides targeted, localized therapy for a broad range of disease areas, including allergic, infectious and pulmonary diseases. It also provides systemic therapeutics for central nervous system (CNS) and metabolic diseases. The team at Recipharm has extensive experience in helping clients with inhalation product development for both metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) and dry powdered inhalers (DPIs) to help meet regulatory milestones for clinical and commercial development.
Sweden: + 46 8 602 52 00
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