• Publication Date: 02/01/2024
  • Article Type: Back Page
  • Subjects: Respiratory Medicine

The AAAAI is encouraging widespread and routine penicillin allergy evaluations for patients who have the allergy listed in their medical records but who are not truly allergic or have outgrown the allergy. Such evaluations demonstrate the overwhelming majority of patients tolerate penicillins so the allergy label can be removed and the patient can be delabeled. The article also provides examples of programs that are facilitating delabeling.

An AAAAI statement included reasons for the low rate of confirmed penicillin allergy, poor outcomes with penicillin allergy, favorable cost benefit ratios for testing and delabeling as a component of antibiotic stewardship. The article provides examples of delabeling programs from the University of Pittsburgh. It also describes “Penicillin Allergy Decision & Mobile Empowerment (PADME),” a patient-initiated, online platform designed to assist in removing the penicillin allergy label from misdiagnosed pediatric patients. PADME was developed through a collaboration between the University of North Carolina and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and is supported by a grant from Pfizer.

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