• Publication Date: 08/01/2015
  • Author(s):
    Breit, Jeffrey Burke, Michael DuBose, Devon Vodak, David
  • Organization(s):
    Bend Research
  • Article Type: Technical Articles
  • Subjects: Instruments, Particle Characterization, Particle Manufacturing, Product Development/Formulation
A streamlined, de-risked approach, based on spray dry technology, which has been optimized for inhaled drug development

Spray drying can enable rapid dry powder inhaler (DPI) development timelines, powder homogeneity and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) flexibility to deliver expedited proof of concept and clinical study test material for a wide range of API’s and dose ranges for inhalation and intranasal particle delivery. The approach presented here integrates excipient understanding, API characteristics, specifically-designed inhalation capsules and desired quality attributes with a focus on the final drug concept.

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