• Publication Date: 04/01/2010
  • Author(s):
    Campbell, Kimberly McNally, Eugene Pilewski, Steven Schachtner, William Shelton, Christopher
  • Organization(s):
    PPD Inc.
  • Article Type: Technical Articles
  • Subjects: Outsourcing, Product Development/Formulation
Why you may want to integrate a contract research organization into the development process of your orally inhaled product (OIP).

Significant delays in product development can occur during the characterization process due to the need to solve scientific problems or because of resource limitations when staff or equipment requirements exceed what the sponsor site has available. As a result, a pharmaceutical company investigating a new orally inhaled drug (may benefit by integrating a contract research organization (CRO) into the development process to supplement the basic analytical expertise available in the sponsor laboratory. The spectrum of offerings from various CROs encompasses the entire range of activities for OIP product development, and sponsors also have the option of working in parallel with a CRO on various activities.

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