• Publication Date: 08/01/2020
  • Author(s):
    Chiou, Herbert Churchman, Joseph Kadleck, Cameron
  • Organization(s):
    Lonza Pharma Biotech and Nutrition
  • Article Type: Technical Articles
  • Subjects: Particle Manufacturing, Product Development/Formulation
Drug developers can use bottom-up or top-down particle engineering approaches or a combination. Selecting the best approach depends on characteristics of the active pharmaceutical ingredient and the target product profile, including the inhaled biopharmaceutical classification system of the drug in development.

While multiple particle engineering approaches are available, spray drying and jet milling are proven, scalable approaches and drug developers may benefit from considering them as a first pass. By evaluating these approaches initially, developers can determine whether a more complicated approach is required and which path is best suited for the active pharmaceutical ingredient and treatment. In the event that multiple particle engineering technologies are suitable, developers can optimize for speed to patient and take into consideration the process throughput, yield and equipment availability.

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