• Publication Date: 06/01/2022
  • Author(s):
    Kolanjiyil, Arun V. Longest, P. Worth
  • Organization(s):
    Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Article Type: Technical Articles
  • Subjects: Device Design, Devices and Components, Nasal Delivery

This article discusses CFD simulations of nasal spray transport and use of CFD modeling to design nasal spray devices and analyze spray delivery performance. In silico testing using CFD, guided with in vitro measurements, is a potentially valuable approach that can reduce time and costs of evaluating nasal spray delivery performance under variable usage conditions in realistic nasal airway models.

The article illustrates some recommended modeling practices that could be followed in setting up and running CFD simulations of nasal spray transport and deposition in the nasal airways. In addition, two case studies illustrate how CFD simulations can potentially be applied, including use of CFD for spray metric sensitivity analysis/bioequivalence evaluation and use of CFD for improving nasal spray designs and optimizing drug delivery.

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