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photoNew at Drug Delivery to the Lungs (DDL) 2019
Drug Delivery to the Lungs (DDL) 2019 will be held December 11-13 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre in Edinburgh, UK. As of November 4, the following companies, who have recently advertised in Inhalation, were listed on the conference website as sponsors/exhibitors. Additional sponsors are added continually. Content is provided by the companies listed. No product endorsement or preference is intended.
Aptar Pharma
A platinum sponsor at DDL2019, Aptar Pharma is a go-to drug delivery expert, transforming ideas into market opportunities. A leader in respiratory systems, Aptar's complete portfolio of MDIs, DPIs and BAIs, including its range of connected devices and device trainers, delivers improved patient health outcomes through better adherence. Aptar Pharma Services provides early stage to commercialization support to accelerate and de-risk the product development process. With 14 GMP sites worldwide, Aptar Pharma provides security-of-supply to customers.
France: +33 1 39 17 20 20
Astech Projects, Ltd.
Astech Projects specializes in the supply of automated inhaler testing solutions for all device types including DPI, MDI and BAI. Astech's award-winning X-Products® range, comprising Xelair®, Xelize® and Xelox®, now includes NGI sample preparation capable of recovering five trays in parallel. Astech provides automation solutions for Dose Content Uniformity (DCU) and Particle Size Determination (PSD), waste firing, physical device testing, emitted dose weight, vision and inspection and more. All available with the REACTS® comprehensive maintenance and support service.
UK: +44 1928 571797
Measuring the physical properties of individual pharmaceutical droplets and their response to changing environments has, until now, been very hard to achieve repeatably. The aerosol optical tweezers (AOT) makes this a routine task with exquisite precision. The AOT captures individual droplets and continuously monitors their physical and chemical properties. For example, measuring the change in size of a droplet as it is exposed to changes in humidity, from ambient to the environment of the lung, is now easy to perform and provides vital information for improving the efficacy of inhalation therapies.
UK: +44 1275 847787
At DDL2019, Catalent will be showcasing its solutions for the development of inhalation and nasal drug products. Catalent leverages decades of experience in formulation, particle size engineering, and manufacturing to accelerate and advance molecules and development programs across multiple dosage forms. Catalent's inhalation manufacturing operations have a track record of regulatory excellence and the company manufactures MDIs, DPIs and nasal formulations for customers around the globe.
Containment Technology Services
ClimateZone™ enclosure systems are designed to provide a safe, climatically controlled environment for the handling of sensitive pharmaceutical drug compounds. The ClimateZone air treatment unit provides users with a variety of selectable temperature and humidity profiles, which are automatically maintained. The safe working environment for active drug handling is suitable for inhalation drug handling. Features include closed-loop, HEPA-filtered system, controlled temperature and humidity, mobile self-contained system, no facilities extract required and easy access for maintenance and setup.
UK: +44 2392 695521
Copley Scientific
As gold sponsors of this year's DDL conference, Copley Scientific experts from the UK, China and Switzerland look forward to meeting you and discussing your inhaler testing needs. This year's highlight will be the showcasing of the latest shake and fire MDI equipment, which is designed to reduce inhaler testing variability and maximize data accuracy. Come to the Copley Scientific stand for a live demonstration and to find out more about how these systems can improve inhaler testing productivity.
UK: +44 1159 616229
Gateway Analytical
A silver sponsor at DDL 2019, Gateway Analytical, an Aptar Pharma company, is a specialized analytical testing laboratory that businesses trust to provide solutions for their most challenging foreign particulate characterization and materials analysis needs. Gateway's expert scientists, specialized test methods and instrumentation deliver the fast, accurate and reliable results that customers in the pharmaceutical, materials and medical device industries demand. With a strong focus on quality, Gateway Analytical is cGMP-compliant, FDA-registered and inspected, and DEA- licensed.
US: +1 724 443-1900
H&T Presspart
H&T Presspart will be showcasing our range of respiratory drug delivery components and devices, including our plasma technology for treating the internal surfaces of MDI canisters. This plasma technology ensures the active drug content does not adhere to the canister wall, ensuring the patient receives the correct dose. The plasma technology also enhances drug stability in formulations where interactions with an aluminum substrate can lead to product degradation and reduced shelf life.
UK: +44 1254 582233
Hovione offers development and compliant manufacture of innovative new drugs and niche generic active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) products. Hovione also supports highly potent compounds and offers proprietary product development and licensing opportunities for drug products. The company undertakes formulation development and clinical supply of final dosage forms to Phase II. With strong expertise in pulmonary delivery, Hovione offers APIs for inhalation, DPI devices, particle engineering and formulation development.
Portugal: +351 21 982 9000
Inhalation Sciences
At DDL 2019, silver sponsor Inhalation Sciences will showcase its PreciseInhale system. PreciseInhale generates precise, predictive PK data of unparalleled precision—reducing risk and accelerating drug development. With its precision dosing methodology, researchers can control their aerosols and outcomes. It generates a single, controllable aerosol, exposing it across a range of advanced in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo exposure modules—generating repeatable, predictive and transformative data.
Sweden: +46 705 625 195
Strong bioperformance of your inhaled therapeutics is key to realizing optimal patient outcomes. Lonza Pharma & Biotech supports you in optimizing performance and leveraging unique capabilities, as well as with expertise in product design and particle engineering. You gain access to a large array of specialized tools, including micronization, spray dry processing and nanocrystal technologies. Combined with formulation expertise for both small and large molecules, specialized DPI capsules and finished product manufacturing capabilities to commercial scale, we bring your product from concept to market.
US: +1 888 783-6361
Meggle rounds up the portfolio for dry powder inhalation with the new milled lactose grades InhaLac® 140 and InhaLac® 150. The two new inhalative lactose grades with specific particle size distributions are characterized by the typical flow- and surface-characteristic of milled lactose grades. This provides an additional tool for the formulator to tune and optimize the performance of the DPI product. As middle-sized milled carrier lactose, InhaLac 140 and InhaLac 150 are suitable for use in pulmonary and nasal drug delivery.
Germany: +49 08071 73 476
Merxin is a designer and supplier of inhaler devices that treat lung diseases, reduce vaping risks and make cannabis therapies reliable. We make the world healthier, one breath at a time. Our DNA is in the pharma industry: delivering quality, reliability and efficacy. Merxin is global and has been from the beginning, providing unparalleled expertise and quality. Find us at DDL2019 for big announcements.
UK: +44 1553 403070
Next Breath
A silver sponsor at DDL 2019, Next Breath, an Aptar Pharma company, is a full-service cGMP-compliant and FDA-registered and inspected laboratory, specializing in the analytical testing of a range of drug delivery systems from early stage to commercialization. We provide comprehensive solutions for the product development process, from formulation and CMC support to finished batch release and post-approval stability to regulatory agencies worldwide.
US: +1 410 455-5904
Proveris Scientific
Proveris Scientific, a leader in spray and aerosol product testing and contract services, is a trusted partner in inhalation product development from early stage R&D to manufacturing. At DDL2019, we will introduce INVIDA™, our in vitro Inhaled Drug Analysis Platform, offering a way to test your product's true performance under human-realistic conditions, producing data not currently available with any other technique. Stop by to discuss how Proveris can tailor a study specific to your needs and deliver quality data that will provide insights into the true performance of your product.
US: +1 508 460-8822
Recipharm will be highlighting its development and manufacturing capabilities for novel respiratory products at DDL2019. The CDMO's Holmes Chapel, UK site specializes in the manufacture of metered dose inhalers and nasal sprays and complements the inhalation development expertise offered by Recipharm in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. The CDMO has expertise in drug substance production through formulation and delivery device development, analytical testing and cGMP commercial-scale manufacturing.
Sweden: + 46 8 602 52 00
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