JULY 2020
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imageNasal and trans-nasal lung deposition of aerosols
With recent advances in devices and formulations, many more conditions are expected to be treatable with nasal delivery. Trans-nasal pulmonary administration remains in its infancy but is poised to grow, as evidenced by its rapid adoption to routine use in many intensive care units worldwide. In this June magazine article, the authors discuss these opportunities and believe the next decade should see significant advances in both, further increasing the quality of life for patients, as well as offering significant value and opportunity for those groups willing to focus on them now.

Point of view: Overcoming barriers to affordability of orally inhaled products while protecting innovation
This June magazine opinion article asks, “Can we improve accessibility and affordability of orally inhaled therapies while protecting incentives for the development of innovative products?” The authors believe this goal should, and can, be achieved without any adverse impact on the quality, safety and efficacy of the products reaching patients. They suggest a combination of regulatory incentives for innovators, in return for their assistance preparing the necessary monographs, should enable sufficient risk reduction to allow generic products to be approved on the basis of compliance with the monographs, without the need for human clinical trials to prove equivalence.

imageInformation on upcoming industry events
Please visit the calendar on Inhalation's website for a list of upcoming conferences, some of which have new dates due to COVID-19.
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