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Astech Projects

Astech Projects specializes in the supply of automated inhaler testing solutions for all device types including DPI, MDI and BAI. Astech’s award-winning X-Products® range, comprising Xelair®, Xelize® and Xelox®, now includes NGI sample preparation capable of recovering five trays in parallel. Astech provides automation solutions for Dose Content Uniformity (DCU) and Particle Size Determination (PSD), waste firing, physical device testing, emitted dose weight, vision and inspection and more. All available with REACTS® comprehensive maintenance and support service.

UK: +44 1928 571797


Measuring the physical properties of individual pharmaceutical droplets and their response to changing environments has, until now, been very hard to achieve repeatably. The Aerosol Optical Tweezers (AOT) makes this a routine task with exquisite precision. The AOT captures individual droplets and continuously monitors their physical and chemical properties. For example, measuring the change in size of a droplet as it is exposed to changes in humidity, from ambient to the environment of the lung, is now easy to perform and provides vital information for improving the efficacy of inhalation therapies.

UK: +44 1275 847787


Catalent Inhalation has the capabilities, expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to expedite product development, from concept and feasibility studies through commercial manufacture and release testing. With more than 25 years’ experience with inhaled medicines, Catalent can handle the most complex projects across a full range of inhaled dose forms including metered dose inhalers (MDIs), liquid product for nebulizers, nasal sprays and dry powder inhalers (DPIs). Catalent also provides comprehensive analytical, particle size engineering and clinical supply services.

US: + 1 888 SOLUTION (765-8846)

Cliantha Research

Cliantha Research is a full-service, global, clinical-stage CRO that specializes in respiratory drug development. We utilize innovative, fast-track approaches to assist our clients in bringing innovator and generic products to market. Contact Cliantha Research for program planning and clinical trial conduct.

US: +1 507 208-5012

Copley Scientific

Copley Scientific is recognized as a world-leading manufacturer of inhaled product testing equipment. Founded in 1946 in Nottingham, UK, Copley continues to supply trusted equipment for routine testing of delivered dose uniformity (DDU) and aerodynamic particle size distribution (APSD), in addition to innovative solutions for improved in vivo/in vitro relationships. Copley works closely with industry groups and leading experts to bring relevant new products to market, with all equipment backed by expert training and lifetime support.

UK: +44 1159 616229

Coster Tecnologie Speciali S.p.A.

Coster is a worldwide provider of filling machinery as well as aerosol and spray packaging solutions for inhalation, nasal, oral and topical products. Our state-of-the-art clean room facilities and equipment enables us to manufacture quality critical products that meet pharmaceutical industry and product safety standards. Coster filling machines are ready for the upcoming challenges of the new HFA 152a propellant for MDIs, which has the potential to reduce the environmental impact by up to 92%.

Italy: +39 02 6361 6263


Experic, a CMO and pharmaceutical supply services company, supports every phase of a product’s life cycle, from clinical to commercial scale, across a range of dosing and packaging formats, including capsule filling, powder and pellet dosing (including DPIs), and auto-injectors and pen assemblies. Utilizing cutting-edge Harro Höfliger equipment in our state-of-the-art Class A GMP facility, we manage global delivery of the highest quality products, including expedited projects, while providing unparalleled knowledge, expertise and customer service.

US: +1 609 537-4040

H&T Presspart

At H&T Presspart, we offer a range of inhaler components to address a variety of customer and market needs. Our range of MDI counters and indicators are suitable for any generic or new chemical entity development and compatible with all marketed pressurized MDI valves. H&T Presspart manages all necessary testing and preparation for regulatory approval and supports pharmaceutical manufacturers in choosing the best solution for their needs.

UK: +44 1254 582233

i2c Pharmaceutical Services

i2c provides bespoke integrated services from ab initio development through clinical trials. i2c also offers Respitab®; this propellant-dispersible tablet is a cost-effective and innovative manufacturing platform that can facilitate transition to the next generation of pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDIs).

UK: +44 29 2075 7865

Inhalation Sciences

The PreciseInhale system from Inhalation Sciences generates precise, predictive PK data of unparalleled precision—reducing risk and accelerating drug development. With its precision dosing methodology, researchers can control their aerosols and outcomes. It generates a single, controllable aerosol, exposing it across a range of advanced in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo exposure modules—generating repeatable, predictive and transformative data.

Sweden: +46 705 625 195


Intertek’s Centre of Excellence for Inhaled and Nasal Drug Development in Melbourn, UK, focuses on powerful in vitro analytical strategies such as realistic flow profiles, lung dissolution and morphologically directed raman spectroscopy (MDRS) to help clients overcome challenges of clinical bioequivalence studies. Our 30 years of experience in supporting clients’ development from concept through to marketing approval is built on our strengths in method development/validation, testing, stability, product characterization, device screening, CMC studies, formulation development and clinical manufacturing support.

UK: +44 1763 261 648

Lonza Capsules & Health Ingredients

The Capsugel® Zephyr™ dry powder inhalation capsule portfolio is a comprehensive capsule product offering, featuring customized DPI capsules and dedicated equipment in place for efficient, phase-appropriate capsule filling. The Zephyr DPI portfolio addresses the need for highly customized solutions for pulmonary route delivery methods and is supported by Lonza’s inhalation and drug development and particle engineering capabilities. This integrated product and service offering enables consistent and optimal release performance for inhalation drugs.

US: +1 888 783-6361

Lonza Pharma & Biotech

Strong bioperformance of your inhaled therapeutics is key to realizing optimal patient outcomes. Lonza Pharma & Biotech supports you in optimizing performance and leveraging unique capabilities, as well as with expertise in product design and particle engineering. You gain access to a large array of specialized tools, including micronization, spray dry processing and nanocrystal technologies. Combined with formulation expertise for both small and large molecules, specialized DPI capsules and finished product manufacturing capabilities to commercial scale, we bring your product from concept to market.

US: +1 888 783-6361


Merxin designs and supplies generic and customized inhalers for evaluation through commercial supply. As OINDP experts, we redefine inhaler technology including multidose dry powder inhalers, capsule dry powder inhalers, soft mist inhalers, no heat no PG vaping devices and devices tailored to cannabinoid delivery to the lungs and nasal cavities. No inhaler is left unturned!

UK: +44 1553 403070

MSP, a division of TSI

MSP, a division of TSI, offers a comprehensive line of qualification services for pharmaceutical inhaler testing systems worldwide. A leading supplier of DDU and PSD testing equipment, we offer a suite of equipment and services, addressing needs from basic to fully automated inhalation testing methods, and mensuration, calibration, IQ/OQ and consulting services. We are industry experts committed to helping our customers maintain the quality of their inhaler testing equipment, continually improving efficiency and productivity.

US: +1 651 287-8100

Proveris Scientific

Proveris Scientific’s focus is helping its customers unlock the complex relationship of formulation, device and actuation to deliver results with specific in vivo characteristics for successful development and commercialization of OINDPs. Pharmaceutical companies, contract research laboratories, industrial customers and regulators streamline and synchronize their spray-test programs every day using our proven solutions. Our analytical instruments, robust software and laboratory services help innovators and generic drug companies uncover true product performance early—accelerating projects and drugs to market.

US: +1 508 460-8822


Qualicaps®, a Mitsubishi Chemical Holding Corporation company, has more than 120 years of experience in manufacturing and innovating hard capsules for the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare industries. Our primary portfolio includes empty two-piece hard capsules for solid oral dosage forms and use in dry powder inhalers, as well as a broad line of pharmaceutical processing equipment. We also offer a complete spectrum of services through our growing global team of commercial, scientific and technical experts.

Spain: +34 91 6 63 0 800


Recipharm, a leading CDMO, operates from 30 facilities across 10 countries. We support pharmaceutical companies in taking their drug substances and drug products from early development to commercial manufacturing. With expertise in both formulation development and analytical testing, we support our customers through all clinical phases. We also manufacture a commercial supply of semi-solids, solids, steriles and inhalation technologies through Recipharm Inhalation Solutions™. Our broad service offering means we can manage the complex nature of today’s drug development.

Sweden: + 46 8 602 52 00


Vectura is a provider of innovative inhaled drug delivery services. With more than 20 years’ experience, the company helps customers succeed in bringing inhaled medicines to market. With differentiated proprietary technology and pharmaceutical development expertise, Vectura is among the companies globally with the device, formulation and development capabilities to deliver a broad range of complex inhaled therapies across a variety of platforms including dry powder inhalers (DPIs), pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) and smart nebulizers..

UK: +44 1249 667700